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#1 – Don’t let the negative penetrate.

We are constantly being bombarded with negativity—it’s all around us. In the newspapers, on the news, in the blogs we read, in the attitude of others… In order to be positive, you need to learn to tune out the negative and focus on the positive. This doesn’t mean you have to be ignorant of the facts, but rather, accept the present situation as it is and do something about it. Fired from work? Accept it as a chance to get a better job, not a “horrible” fate.

#2 – See everything as challenges, not problems.

Life is all in the perspective, or the glasses from which you see the world. Just like one man’s trash is another man’s treasure or how beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the difference between “bad” and “good” things is exactly what you make it out to be. Learn to change your perspective on life (a ‘paradigm shift’, as they call it) and it will change everything.

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This is part two in a two part series on 10 traits of successful people and how to apply them in your life. Click here to read part one.

#6 – They are always willing to go the extra mile.

Successful people know the value of hard work. For the most part, nothing worth having is handed to you on a silver platter; you usually need to work for it. Sometimes, this means going the extra mile; going above and beyond the expected.

In this day and age, few are willing to do more work than absolutely necessary. Going the extra mile is a surefire way to set yourself apart from the masses and get noticed in your niche or cause, whatever that might be.

Ways to step out and go the extra mile:

When a person puts in that extra mile with no hidden agenda, it shows a strength of character (see #10) not commonly found in people today. So many are only willing to do as much as is needed to get what they want, but that mentality never leads to true success.

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No matter what your problem is, no matter what your situation is like, one thing constantly remains the same: All change begins with yourself.

Successful people cultivate positive and empowering habits and traits in their life. Ask any one of them, and they will tell you that they didn’t just “magically” get to be the person they are today. Success doesn’t just ‘come’ to you; you need to go after it. With forced practice, successful people have developed key traits that have brought them to where they are today.

Best of all, every single one of these things can be cultivated in your life, no matter who you are or what your situation is like. You can start today – right now, even.

So what are they?

01 – They have a defined goal and purpose.

Successful people begin with the end mind. They know where they are, where they want to be, and design a plan to help them get from where they are to where they want to be.

If you don’t know where you hope to be, you won’t know when (or if) you get there, or how far off from your target you presently are. Sit down and take some time alone to reflect on what you want out of life and where you want go by asking yourself questions like:

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“I don’t set new year resolutions anymore – they never work, anyway.”

Sound familiar to you?

Too many people set right resolutions the wrong way. They mean well, but without setting and sticking to their resolutions the right way, their chance of success is greatly diminished.

Using the following tips, this article will show you how your realistic, defined resolutions can become a reality by having a plan of action, committing to them, staying accountable to them and kicking them into action now.

#1 – Keep them realistic, defined, and bite-sized.

Too often, we set resolutions that are unrealistic, vague and too “large” for our current abilities. While our long-term goals should in no way be confined to our present abilities, new year resolutions are different. One year is not long-term.

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Getting a higher education can be expensive, and if you’re cheap like me, you’re always on the lookout for ways to save money (and not be broke). Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way:




Do you have any tips for saving money while studying at UBC?


Congratulations on making it to The Week That Is Supposed To Make Up For That Time We Were Forced Back To School The Day After New Years Day, Instead Of A Week Later Like Everyone Else! If you’re hoping to do at least one productive thing this coming week, this list is for you.

For your health:

For your sanity:

For your social life:

For your academic life:

How are you planning to spend reading week?

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How to dress like a UBC student: The Arts Student Edition

Well, that was short.

It’s no secret that I love school and usually begin to miss it on day 3 or 4 of Christmas or summer break. Not this time – I had an awesome (albeit busy, and filled with studying) Christmas vacation, and I’d be lying if I said I looked forward to coming back to school the day after new years day. While we’re on the topic: Whose brilliant idea was that, anyways? (SFU, you win this one.)

Dec 19, 8AM: Day of my last final. Went hard on the cramming.

Dec 19, 11AM: Last final was cancelled due to snow. Studied anyways.

Dec 19: Wrote & sent 20 Christmas cards, mailed them 2 hours before the deadline. House cleaning, day 1.

Dec 20: House cleaning, day 2. Baked 5 vegan tropical cheesecakes.

Dec 21: Bought a Christmas tree. Hauled it home. Decorated it, part 1. Vespers with the crew.

Dec 22: Day of rest. Game night with the crew.

Dec 23: Studied for finals*. Christmas shopping + tree & house decorating.

Dec 24: More Christmas shopping. Celebrated brother’s birthday with dinner + cake. Sat by the fire and watched the nutcracker on VHS.

Dec 25: Made Christmas breakfast. Chilled out by the fireplace. Watched Santa Clause 1 & 2 while peeling potatoes and turnips. Made Christmas dinner. Ate 3x my body weight.

Dec 26: Studied for finals*. Went to one store for boxing day, remembered why I never go out on boxing day and returned home.

Dec 27: Studied for finals*. Packed for Seattle.

Dec 28-Jan 1: In Seattle for GYC. Saw tons of friends. Celebrated New Years at the Seattle Space needle. Went shopping. Wrote + finished + submitted my article for the CQ. Never ate because I was so excited, and thus, accidentally lost 4 pounds. Arrived home at 11:45pm.

Jan 2: First day of school.

* I actually have two finals and one midterm in the month of January. The two finals are for classes I took last semester that were rescheduled, and the one midterm is from a class starting this semester.

And so here we are. It still feels very foreign to be back on campus, but I know it’s only a matter of time before those longings of “seeing friends” and “having a social life” and “enjoying free time” give way to “hello my name is Chanel, and I live in the Irving K Barber Library, 3rd floor”.

Just kidding. Kind of.

Note: Since September, I have been blogging about university life for the UBC Blog Squad here: chnl does UBC! Sometimes I will cross-post entries between that blog and this one. This entry was originally posted here.

So, something weird happened to me in the SUB today.

It started out the way it always does on Wednesdays: I bought my Wednesday’s Special burger (no pop, hold the mayo, sub for veg patty) at approximately 1:30 PM, then found a seat within earshot of The Burger Bar* so I could study for my calculus quiz while waiting for my food.

* Details provided just in case you wish to stalk me. Next week’s story could be about you!

After about 30 minutes, my number was called, so I left my table to go get my burger and put the fixings on it. Except someone stole the vinegar bottle again, so I had to wait for a new bottle to be put out.

While this was going on, I kept glancing back at my table to make sure no one was stealing my stuff, comprised mostly of one netbook, my water-damaged calculus textbook and my iPhone 3G with the broken home button that runs so slow i’d probably have to pay someone to steal it from me—and that’s when I noticed the security guard.

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Neither do I. But I would, if I were up to date with my readings.

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again. Despite the best laid plans of being up-to-date with my readings, I’m already behind in every class besides calculus and my chem lab. By my estimations, I have about roughly 80-120 pages of psychology to catch up on this weekend.

By the way, If you need to contact me in the next three days, I’ve moved. This is my new address:

Chanel Wood
Floor 2, 1961 East Mall,
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1, Canada

If someone can periodically check in on me, maybe bring by some fresh pens and cookies, I’d highly appreciate that.

But enough about my new residence. What happened to Chanel today at UBC? Why, I’m so glad you asked!

6:30 AM: Woke up while it was still dark out.
This is a sick and twisted activity and I do not recommend anyone attempt it unless absolutely necessary.

6:40 AM: Almost went back to sleep, but was finally lured out of bed with the promise of meeting awesome people and getting free food.
And indeed, the food was free (and yummy!) and the people were awesome. The UBC blogsquad had its first meetup this morning and despite the ungodly hour, it was a lot of fun. The people were hilarious and charming and all very nice. An awesome group. Probably the wittiest, prettiest, funnies group of UBC Blogsquadders ever, in my totally unbiased opinion.

11:30 PM: We found the upside down tree.
After hanging out in the CST, A couple of us left together in search of the infamous upsidedown tree. Conclusion: It really does look like an upside down tree. BUT HOW DOES IT GROW?? We took pictures and probably got mistaken for tourists by fellow students.

1:10 PM: Didn’t eat lunch. Time since last meal: 4 hours.
Instead of eating, I spent my lunch hours agonizing over my upcoming organic chem lab.

3:10 PM: The exact moment I realized my TA probably thinks I’m an idiot for asking if you put the pipet bulb in water, and also the exact moment I was sure this chem lab would be the death of me.
In my defense, he misunderstood my question, but in his defense, I was making a bunch of stupid mistakes on the most basic things, so he had every right to assume i’d be stupid enough to think you could pipet water without using a pipet.

4:50 PM: The moment I realized I might be OK, and that this semester might not be a disaster after all.
Also, the end of my chem lab. Coincidence? Hardly. All disasters successfully avoided.

4:59 PM: Scurried like a man woman across campus because it only just occurred to me that chem labs do not account for the 10 minutes it takes to get to your next class.
Bumped into a friend from Langara, but couldn’t stop because I was late for class. Time since last meal: 8 hours.

5:05 PM: Made five new people hate my guts by being “that person” who comes into lecture late and squeezes their way past a row full of people attempting to take notes on their itty-bitty sized tables.
One guy even had to put his notes on his lap and pull up his table so I could get by. Meanwhile, I was the picture of grace and finesse with my sweaty forehead, messy hair and lack of breath as I unobtrusively squeezed through the tiny row with my bulging backpack.

6:30 PM: It finally occurs to me that maybe I need something more than just intellectual nourishment. Time since last meal: 9.5 hours.
The food at Buchanan B is overpriced and mediocre at best, by the way.

7:30 PM: Finally leave campus.
The sun is setting. I am exhausted.

7:40 PM: Dead asleep on the bus.

12:04 AM: Finally done writing this post, but there is a bee trapped in my room (?!) so I probably will spend the next hour devising non-confrontational techniques to get him out.
There goes all hopes of going to bed ‘earlier’.

First class tomorrow: 3pm. Here’s to sleeping in!