Impossible, you say? But I have picture proof!


As you can see, Hillary Clinton (along with other senators Barack Obama and John McCain, not pictured here) were at the Washington-Dulles Airport on Tuesday, promoting their new lines of presidential campaign clothing and paraphernalia. America Votes 2008!


  1. Amber on 4-17-2008:

    Not enough bags under the eyes to be the real deal and the make-up looks like it might not have been shovelled on. Congratulations on meeting their cardboard cut-outs? :P

    Reply: Hahaha, oh Amber! Not a fan of Hillary, I take it? :P

    1:01 pm
  2. Meli on 4-17-2008:

    LOL!! I seriously thought it was her until I saw the second picture… but in the second picture she’s got the exact same face and you can kinda see cardboard texture on one of them. That’s pretty cool, though… had me going!

    Reply: Yep, they’re cardboard cutouts! I thought it was so hilarious how they were all standing in front of this store in the airport called – no joke – “America!” with their paraphernalia behind them. I’d be lying if I said that “I’M PUTTING THIS ON MY BLOG!” wasn’t the first thing that popped into my head. :)

    1:34 pm
  3. Jenny on 4-17-2008:

    is that a cardboard cut out? LOL she looks like she just saw a rat.

    Reply: It is! I mentioned it in the group photo caption, but I suspect nobody reads captions. :) And yes, she really does have a sort of surprised look on her face; I’d like to think it’s because she can’t believe she’s actually getting her photo taken with me. ;)

    1:40 pm
  4. Robmarie on 4-17-2008:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn look at all the paraphernalia! Politicians are rock stars now-a-days, I swear.

    3:31 pm
  5. Jessica on 4-17-2008:

    I really that it was Hillary Clinton in that first picture but then I realized that it was just cardboard cutouts, lol. :]

    3:54 pm
  6. Lene on 4-17-2008:

    For a moment I thought it was the real Hillary XD

    I thought “how could Obama be there if I saw a flyer that he was going to be at my univ today???”

    4:48 pm
  7. Chien Yee on 4-17-2008:

    They’re obviously cardboard cutouts :P Hilary Clinton’s all stiff!

    4:59 pm
  8. Lexie on 4-17-2008:

    Er, that’s a little freaky. But the first photo looks realistic, at least if you don’t look at it to closely. Yay for meeting Hillary Clinton’s cardboard alter ego! :D

    8:44 pm
  9. Rilla on 4-18-2008:

    Lol the first photo sure looks real! Never gonna believe what you say again!

    2:00 am
  10. Amanda on 4-18-2008:

    You almost got me! Like everyone else, the first photo looked pretty realistic…the group photo just gave it away. :P

    2:54 am
  11. Erin on 4-18-2008:

    HAHA! I was about to say, I thought Hillary would be a bit taller than that. Hurray for famous cardboard!

    6:53 am
  12. Aisling on 4-18-2008:

    You guys are standing really close. Like maybe you’re Hilary’s sehkrit luvah. Ooer. :P

    7:02 am
  13. Ajemi on 4-18-2008:

    I thought it was really her. Nice :)

    9:16 am
  14. Maren on 4-18-2008:

    The first picture totally fooled me too. :p

    12:04 pm
  15. Kiera on 4-18-2008:

    Oh man! I sooo thought was her at first! Haha!

    Now all you need is Bill thrown up in the mix.

    1:49 pm
  16. Kaylee on 4-18-2008:

    The first picture looks realistic enough, I suppose, but I immediately noticed that her face was too narrow, her expression was too strange, and she was standing in front of an Obama shirt :P

    That sounds pretty cool, though, cardboard or not!

    2:15 pm
  17. Holly on 4-19-2008:

    Haha that’s awesome! The first picture does look strangely realistic!

    8:49 pm
  18. Nanda on 4-20-2008:

    Congrats on “meeting” her ;) Haha. Nice picture. It almost looks real. :D

    10:03 am
  19. Arielle on 4-20-2008:


    6:40 pm
  20. Rachelle on 4-20-2008:

    Haha, when I saw this picture I was like…why are you doing the whole peace sign with her? And then I realized that it was just a cut out =)

    9:07 pm
  21. Daddy Dan on 4-23-2008:

    Too funny! Hillary shouldn’t get her picture taken with you since she looks really bad next to you. You’re too cute!

    12:00 am
  22. valerie on 5-15-2008:

    Ha! That’s great! At first glance the first Hilary almost seems real :)

    3:59 pm

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